Mold is Killing Me in Villanova, Pa

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July 09, 2010 03:34 PM

First, I understand that mold can be a very serious issue that causes health problems, not the least of which can be neurological. Okay? I get it.

But. The toxic mold that releases mycotoxins that can cause that level of severe illness is not even close to the other types of mold that can be found everywhere. In fact, did you know that most molds are generally harmless? Mold is everywhere and it is even helpful. It breaks down dead or dying organic matter and puts it back into the earth where it gets processed as nutrients. Without mold, we’d all be, literally, wading, in gunk.

Mold acts just like dust. It is everywhere. Always has been, always will be. It does not discriminate between old houses and new, occupied and vacant, or dirty and clean. Yes, clean houses have it too. We are all swimming in it and the average healthy person still manages to function just fine.

I wish that we as Realtors would do a better job of educating our clients about mold. You don’t have to be a mold expert but get the facts so you can manage hysteria in your buying clients and expectation in your selling clients. A listing of mine had a very low level of allergenic mold in one small corner of the basement. The buyer, who was essentially a first-timer, absolutely freaked out. Could not get past it, even after we offered to remediate. Her inspector even told her it was nothing to be scared of. She had written my client a sappy letter about how it was her forever dream house. But she walked, over something insignificant.  Are you kidding me? Even if the number had been 1 million parts per billion (which it was no where close to), that amount of mold would not even cover the HEAD OF A PIN! Please can we acquaint ourselves with these numbers so that they are not so scary? I can’t ask a Buyer to grow up in this market, but I can ask a Realtor to take a little more control over your client by educating them when the fungus hits the fan.

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